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Croteaux Vineyards
Croteaux Vineyards
For wine lovers seeking a unique wine tour experience, Croteaux Vineyards in Southold, New York is a must-visit destination. What sets Croteaux Vineyards apart is that they specialize in making only Rosé wines, which are renowned for their delicious taste. The owners grow special Vinifera grapes to produce outstanding wines with unparalleled flavor. The traditional tastes of southern France combined with the specific seaside style of the North Fork region are reflected in the finished products that you have the opportunity to taste.

At the Tasting Barn and Garden located on the stunning grounds of Croteaux Vineyards, you can appreciate the distinctiveness of their wines with every sip. The unique taste and natural flavors of the wines can be savored while enjoying excellent table service in the courtyard garden with green scenery or in the comfortable barn lounge. If you prefer to be outdoors, there is also an outdoor bar where you can stop by and relax with a glass of wonderful wine.

In conclusion, a wine tour to Croteaux Vineyards is an opportunity to taste some of the most uniquely delicious Rosé wines and experience the traditional flavors of southern France with a North Fork seaside twist. With excellent table service and beautiful surroundings, it's the perfect place to unwind and savor a glass of exceptional wine.

Croteaux Vineyards
1450 South Harbor Road
Southold, NY 11971
Phone: (631) 765-6099